Meet the team

  • Louis Cornet
    Louis Cornet Founder
  • Caroline
    Caroline Business Manager
  • Cédric
    Cédric Business Manager
  • Gill
    Gill Business Manager
  • Simon
    Simon Business Manager
  • Tshering
    Tshering Business Manager
  • Michiel
    Michiel Business Manager
  • Tanguy
    Tanguy Business Manager
  • Mayti
    Mayti Management Assistant
  • Quentin
    Quentin Operations Manager
  • Adrien
    Adrien Talent Acquisition
  • Sanne
    Sanne Talent Acquisition
  • Alexandre
  • Karol
    Karol Head of UX
  • Yannick
    Yannick Head of Mobile
  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline Senior UX Designer
  • Xavier
    Xavier UX Designer
  • Thibaut
    Thibaut UX Designer
  • Zoé
    Zoé UX Designer
  • Johan
    Johan Senior UX Designer
  • Charles
    Charles UX Consultant
  • Kate
    Kate UX Designer
  • Idries
    Idries UX Designer
  • Despoina
    Despoina UX Designer
  • Manon
    Manon UX Designer
  • David
  • Louis
    Louis UX/UI Designer
  • Gaël
    Gaël UX/UI Designer
  • Maxime
    Maxime Senior UI Designer
  • Erhan
    Erhan Ui Designer
  • Els
    Els UI Designer
  • Leopold
    Leopold UI Designer
  • Simon
    Simon Android Developer
  • Julie
    Julie Android Developer
  • Philippe
    Philippe Senior Android Developer
  • Florien
    Florien Android Developer
  • Bojan
    Bojan Senior Android Developer
  • Kalele
    Kalele iOS Developer
  • Jérémie
    Jérémie Mobile Developer
  • Jonas
    Jonas iOS Developer
  • Renaud
    Renaud iOS Developer
  • Harold Mechelynck
    Harold Mechelynck Advisor
  • Didier de Callataÿ
    Didier de Callataÿ Advisor
  • Miguel de Schaetzen
    Miguel de Schaetzen Advisor

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